High Soy-Protein Diet Helps Curb Appetite By Increasing Satiety

High soy-protein diet helps curb appetite by increasing satiety. The high-protein idea has totally changed the essence of weight loss treatment and sports nutrition. Many of fitness and health experts overall view high... Read more »

China Approves Another Tallest Dam Construction On Yangtze

China approves another tallest dam construction on Yangtze, which is a 239-meter (784-foot) hydroelectric structure on the upstream area of its longest river, the state planning office said on Tuesday. Hydropower is a... Read more »

Google Stops Chromecast Audio Production, Still Continues Sale Until Stock Ends

Google stops Chromecast Audio production, still continues sale until stock ends. The dongle was released in 2015 to empower users to change over their dumb speakers into smart, wireless ones by just connecting the Chromecast Audio... Read more »

High-Fibre Foods May Extend Life Longevity, Prevents Non-Communicable Diseases

High-fibre foods may extend life longevity, prevents non-communicable diseases, said the study disclosed in the journal The Lancet. The research offers another reason behind why people may consider increasing their fiber allow daily.... Read more »

Poor Sleep Quality Can Raise Alzheimer’s Disease Risk In Older Adults

Poor sleep quality can raise Alzheimer’s disease risk in older adults, a recent study shows. Individuals with Alzheimer’s will in general wake up tired and their evenings turn out to be even... Read more »

High-Fat Diets Can Affect Blood Pressure Of Both Males, Females

High-fat diets can affect blood pressure of both males, females, suggest the findings disclosed in the American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology. Blood pressure strain is the weight on... Read more »

ISRO May Launch Its Second Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-2 Next Month

ISRO may launch its second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 next month, the Indian Space Research Organization stated Thursday. Chandrayaan-2, an absolutely indigenous endeavor, involves an orbiter, a lander and a rover. After a controlled... Read more »

British Government Forbids Puppy, Kitten Business Over Animal Exploitation

British government forbids puppy, kitten business over animal exploitation and abuse. The legislature said it will reveal the enactment next year in the wake of holding public conferences that indicated 95-percent support... Read more »
knowing-calorie-information can-cause-lower-appetite

Knowing Calorie Information Can Cause Lower Appetite Among Dieters

Knowing calorie information can cause lower appetite among dieters. The new research disclosed in the ‘PLOS ONE’ and demonstrated that people, who may somehow be slanted to eat, turned out to be less... Read more »

Google Play Store Introduces Anti-Spam System Detecting Fake Reviews, Ratings, Bad Apps

Google Play Store introduces anti-spam system detecting fake reviews, ratings, bad apps. This system will enable Google to tidy up bad applications, and erase counterfeit reviews and rating posted through dishonest practices.... Read more »