ISRO May Launch Its Second Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-2 Next Month

ISRO may launch its second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 next month, the Indian Space Research Organization stated Thursday. Chandrayaan-2, an absolutely indigenous endeavor, involves an orbiter, a lander and a rover.

After a controlled plummet, the lander would delicate arrive on the lunar surface at a predetermined site and deliver a meanderer, as indicated by the ISRO. The six-wheeled rover will move around the arrival site on the lunar surface in a semi- autonomous mode as chosen by the ground directions.

The instruments on the meanderer will watch the lunar surface and send back information, which will be helpful for investigation of the lunar soil. The 3,290-kg Chandrayaan-2 will orbit the Moon and play out the destinations of remote detecting it.

The payloads will gather logical data on lunar geography, mineralogy, natural bounty, lunar exosphere and marks of hydroxyl and water-ice, the space office said. Chandrayaan-1 was India’s first lunar test. It was propelled by the ISRO in October 2008 and worked till August 2009.

A senior ISRO official said in a statement that, “We are all trying hard. Definitely, it should be possible to launch the mission in February. It is expected by the middle of next month but no date has been finalised. There is no impediment. It’s on track.”