Fentanyl Exceeds Heroin As Drug Most Frequently Involved In Lethal Overdoses

Fentanyl exceeds heroin as drug most frequently involved in lethal overdoses. Fentanyl is presently the drug, overdoses of which cause deaths in US as per the National Vital Statistics System report. The... Read more »

Does Common Chemical Pose Parkinson’s Disease Risk?

Does common chemical pose Parkinson’s disease risk? Now, the latest study in rats showed that herbicide — chemical substances – and a food-derived chemical compound can together generate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.... Read more »

Malaria Prevention Drug Finally At Rescue

Malaria prevention drug finally at rescue. Almost all malaria drugs are outlined to minimize indicators succeeding contamination. They function by obstructing semblance of the disease engendering parasites in human blood, but they don’t... Read more »

Sea Invertebrate Throws Light On Development Of Human Blood And Immune Systems

Sea Invertebrate throws light on development of human blood and immune systems. Botryllus schlosseri a water invertebrate that thrives in underwater colonies reminding fuzzy pinheads clutching to rocks possessed a blood forming system... Read more »