Google Play Store Introduces Anti-Spam System Detecting Fake Reviews, Ratings, Bad Apps

Google Play Store introduces anti-spam system detecting fake reviews, ratings, bad apps. This system will enable Google to tidy up bad applications, and erase counterfeit reviews and rating posted through dishonest practices.

The tech giant uses its new machine learning hostile to spam system to evaluate which review is veritable, and which is phony or profane in nature. Google takes note of, that the system had the capacity to spot a large number of fake reviews, unavoidably prompting evacuation of thousands of bad applications from the Play Store.

Google says that its system can perceive such an occasion too, and make proper move. As referenced, the system will likewise perceive reviews that utilization profane dialect, are off-theme, or spread loathe. It will likewise perceive suspicious sudden increment or decline in normal evaluations of applications.

Besides, it urges users to not acknowledge application motivations in return for reviews and evaluations, or use profane, hateful, or sexual dialect in reviews. While the tech giant will keep on angling for spam reviews and applications, the organization likewise asks for users and designers to keep a post, and report such reviews when they spot it. Users can stamp the review as spam and designers can submit input through the Play Console.

Google mentions in its developers’ blog, “In 2018, the Google Play Trust & Safety teams deployed a system that combines human intelligence with machine learning to detect and enforce policy violations in ratings and reviews. A team of engineers and analysts closely monitor and study suspicious activities in Play’s ratings and reviews, and improve the model’s precision and recall on a regular basis. We also regularly ask skilled reviewers to check the decisions made by our models for quality assurance.”