Google found various malware applications hiding in the Play store

Google found various malware applications hiding in the Play store that which are downloaded more than 500,000 times: After discovering various apps on Google Play store, that installing various malware on users services. Google has taken some serious steps to regard this issue.

Google has ranked almost 13 Android applications, in these applications includes car and truck driving that which duplicates and as well as featured on the top trending section of Google play store. However, all such applications are removed after the claims received from nearly 5 lakhs users that who are download the android application.

As per a report from NDTV Gadgets, all those applications not only disclosed no functionality but also hide in the smartphone to generate the malware very easily. Lukas Stefanko is an Eset security researcher who revealed the information about those 13 malware apps in the Google Play Store. He even more disclosed that details of these applications that contain malware which downloads for more 560000 times. Interested, all those malware apps listed that they are developed by the Luiz Pinto.

And the NDTV report disclosed that first all these malware android apps are disguised as games, but they crashed every time when released in the game format. So they started through a luxury car driving simulator and the image which is used disclosed in a thumbnail is graphics. As per the.. details information from the tweet that reported, when they install the app would ask to install and additional APK and Stefanko by saying that this additional APK will guide you how to operate by posting a video.

This is not the first time that a lot number of users handset has been filled with all these malware through such applications. Google initiated a new step that removing these apps from Google play store, in January 2017 this company pulled out more than 7 lakhs malware apps from the Google play store.