City Provides Bicycle To Children If A Relative Quits Smoking

City provides bicycle to children if a relative quits smoking. Kilis a small Turkish city in border with Syria stands at the cross roads of a continuous torrent of noisy motorcycles, scooters and cars speeding away. It is definitely not a most bicycle benevolent city. However, the district leaders are all set to alter that with the onslaught of contemporary network of cycle lanes and by imparting innumerable bikes to local children.

In the course of eruption of the Syrian civil war seven years ago, many Syrians have made Turkey their home. Even though there are fugitive camps dotted on the border, most refugees chose to live in cities like Kilis.

The populace of Syrian fugitives now surpasses the number of locals and Arabic is the as known a language than Turkish. Many shops and restaurants are embellished with Arabic signs.

Also it has magnified the city’s populace to 260,000 almost in matter of few days; the war across the border radiated a gloomy cloud of fear in 2016 when Isis assaulted Kilis with rockets from Syrian side. Around 21 people expired and many more were wounded.

This year after long span of time had passed Isis was displaced out of the Syrian enclave over the border, Kilis was again punched by rocket fire, this time by the Kurdish militant group YPG, who was aiming at the Turkish army.