Transcendental Meditation Can Help Reverse Symptoms of PTSD

Transcendental meditation can help reverse symptoms of PTSD. Researchers worked with some young people who experience symptoms of PTSD and depression, found that transcendental meditation can help treat PTSD. Many studies have... Read more »

Obese People Have Less Ability To Detect Smell

Obese people have less ability to detect smell, a new review claims. According to this study, people with obesity have a poor sense of smell compared to those who are not obese.... Read more »

Dollar Falls To Four-Month Low Amid Partial U.S. Government Shutdown

Dollar falls to four-month low amid partial U.S. government shutdown. On Tuesday, the dollar fell against the yen and Swiss France, as investors received confusing signals from Washington which struggled with an... Read more »

Certain Antibiotics Might Increase Aortic Aneurysm Risk, FDA Warns

Certain antibiotics might increase aortic aneurysm risk, FDA warns. On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration said that several types of antibiotics may cause fatal damage to the body’s main artery. Fluoroquinolone... Read more »

Does Common Chemical Pose Parkinson’s Disease Risk?

Does common chemical pose Parkinson’s disease risk? Now, the latest study in rats showed that herbicide — chemical substances – and a food-derived chemical compound can together generate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.... Read more »

11-year-old shoots grandmother and commits suicide when asked to clean room

11-year-old shoots grandmother and commits suicide when asked to clean room A horrific incident took the citizens of Arizona by storm when a young 11-year-old shot to kills his grandmother. This was... Read more »
D:\newshub\Bus falls into canal in Karnataka's Mandhya disctrict - at-least 28 dead.png

Bus falls into canal in Karnataka’s Mandhya disctrict – at-least 28 dead

In an unfortunate incident in Kanganamaradi village in Mandhya district of Karnataka state today, a private bus fell in a canal. According to the latest reports, at least 28 were dead including... Read more »