Saudi Aramco Signs $10 Billion Deal To Build Petrochemical Complex In China

Saudi Aramco signs $10 billion deal to build petrochemical complex in China on Friday, as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wrapped up a two-day trip to Beijing. The Saudi delegation, including top administrators... Read more »

Slashing Costs Of Fuel Cells In Electric Vehicles

Slashing costs of fuel cells in electric vehicles. The 2019 Toyota Mirai electric vehicle endorses zero discharge because of fuel cell that operates on hydrogen rather than gasoline. However, Mirai has not abandoned... Read more »

Samsung Finally Launched Galaxy Fold At Galaxy Unpacked 2019 Event

Samsung finally launched Galaxy Fold at Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event in San Francisco. The new smartphone joins two screens in a single gadget, one main flexible display of 7.3-inch and the other secondary screen of 4.6-inch.... Read more »

Transcendental Meditation Can Help Reverse Symptoms of PTSD

Transcendental meditation can help reverse symptoms of PTSD. Researchers worked with some young people who experience symptoms of PTSD and depression, found that transcendental meditation can help treat PTSD. Many studies have... Read more »

Proximate Deluge Of Stars

Proximate deluge of stars. A group of researchers from University of Vienna have discovered a deluge of stars, a celestial current in astronomical language shrouding most of the southern sky. The current... Read more »

Brain Finding Elucidates A Substantial Mystery Of Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s

Brain finding elucidates a substantial mystery of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. One of the substantial mysteries of neuroscience may ultimately have a response. Scientists at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine have... Read more »